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My journey since 1986. I’ve been creating through all different writing mediums and forms.
I hope I’ve done my creation in a way that leaves a positive impact on everyone.

Creativity is a souls' language and the creator of humanity.

I’m Mohamed Rashad El-Arabi, Screenplay writer, Book Auther, and writer. As an eastern citizen, I love to create through eastern whispers like what summer nights’ breeze do for the soul, so I adore when words flow carrying passions. Creating drama is the power of my soul, and on the other side, it’ll be better to see my impact through others’ emotions and impressions.

As I was studying accounting at the faculty of Commerce, I became sure that I could only be a writer. I’ve been a screenplay writing student at the High Cinema Institute for one year. According to procedural circumstances, I couldn’t move on, so I became a Drama and Criticism student at the High Institute of Theatrical Arts, the second year. I wrote (4) series as a professional screenplay writer shot and shown together, so I became a Certified screenplay writer by the end of 1993

M.R. El-Arabi

Screenplay Writer, Book Author, and writer

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OTT content engineering concept

Farewell, stereotyped drama, content, and Molded creativity.

(When the drama and content interact as an essential element of all our daily life details, so creation follows engineering standards to apply the artistic projects).

Relying on my style, I invent and follow my content engineering rules to integrate, optimize, structure, and restructure any content type (especially drama) through formulas, aiming to achieve the pre-defined goals with all accuracy and clarity of production process within:

  • The pre-determined budget.
  • Implementation period.
  • Releasing date.
  • Targeted audience.

With technical specifications and standards to present: * 

  • Structuring.
  • Restructuring.
  • Solutions.
  • Identify the most appropriate ideas and frameworks, etc.
  • Structure all project details from scratch according to the desired framework.

  It’s important to point out that construction or restructuring also includes writing projects by recruiting pre-defined elements within specific frameworks, as an example:

  • Actions should go on Inside a specified location or region, such as: (house, factory, camp, country, etc.)
  •  A specified number of characters.
  • Actions have to take place during a specified drama timeline.
  • Recruit a commercial product as the protagonist.
  • Create ideas and actions for specified morals that belong to a specified community.
  • Even transferring any information, no matter how Static or harsh they are, to be presented through drama in an Exciting and attractive dramatic frame.
  • Any other requirements to Recruit drama and content according to pre-planned and Strictly specified goals.
  •  Any elements impose a specified type of actions and structure, such as places or promoting products. 

  I do all the above professionally without affecting drama or content structure. Schemes and graphs included. I create the project processing all data, Maintaining the relationship between all required components, leading the outputs to guarantee to achieve pre-defined goals. That means converting all data to:

  • Engineering schemes represented in:
  1. Relationships networks.

It means the charts which reveal the types and basics that rule relationships between characters, how these relationships affect each character, drama escalation structure, and how they drive actions forward.

  1. Character profiles.

  Integrated files present all about each character and the roles assigned them to perform thorough, controlling their behavior, this behavior results, and how it affects drama flow.

  1. Drama progress diagrams.

  Drama line starting the point of attack to the end, achieving goals like:

  • Structure.
  • Plot. 
  • Idea. 

Based on content engineering approving the way that guarantees actions and information to be realistic and logically presented.

  1. Conflict.

  All the different types of conflict that affect each other, as well as flowing throughout the project, are mutated into graphs within the overall conflict circle to make it easier to identify: strengths, weaknesses, and stability points of drama or content, and other types of files are required to guarantee production teamwork a clear vision. So they become able to get solutions according to the needs of each project separately.

  All the mentioned above, and more mainly affected by data are Available, and what producers intend to produce, what should be included such as goals, messages and the targeted audience, even the marketing strategies planned. All these data affect forming the idea and the structure of the project as a whole.

  • The basics of engineering plans.

  Rely on my way of creating engineering plans approving data creating and forming the main idea, and structure of the project such as:

  • Create ideas and project construction.

Follow our basis to recruit a specified place as the main protagonist, such as a resort, public place, factory, company, city, archaeological area, house, etc. So we create drama and content to achieve the maximum recruiting of the protagonist And all its capabilities. So we save a lot of costs too.

  • Proportional distribution of events.

  In case we intend to shoot in more than one country, those countries are determined, and the percentage of actions required to take place in each country, for example, 10% take place in country X, 90% in country Y, and so on. To be considered to form the idea and plane drama and content flow, and protagonists’ characters to be in Harmony with what determined from the beginning.

  • Extended and seasonal projects.

  The number of seasons and the number of episodes for each season are considered an important issue. So we divide each season into a unit standing alone within the overall project plan. The same is applying to movie series, with the same procedures.

  • Additional considerations.

  Clarify any other considerations related to project continuity (movie series/TV drama seasons/seasons for a specific program… etc.) that to be considered as we create the idea and write the project to guarantee the modulation of the elements and components of continuity.

  • Subjects of a particular type.

Determining the topics that will be the most. (direct or indirect recruit) within the project. (projects with specific targets such as national projects or campaigns that any entity or country needs to present to the public through an attractive form), (scientific or educational topics for all ages), (Documentary topics such as stories or important events related to those countries), and so on.

  • The date the shooting will start.

Determine the date to start shooting could not be ignored, as it affects our plans and creating the project process, as we recruit this data through the idea or writing the project.

  • Budgets and timelines.

  Budgets and timelines are substantial in planning and writing to confirm creating projects to implement pre-defined goals. At the same time, it helps to set our timetables professionally.